Thursday, August 4, 2011

Horton Hears A Who Cake Pop

You'll need:
a lollipop stick
Decoration tape used for fondant flowers
Cake pop dough (go to my recipes; cake pop)
Coating chocolate
Icing/ buttercream
Pink food colouring
A sugar decoration bead or a dot of white icing.

Use a round tip for the pink leaves, and place randomly. Add a decoration bead.

A little story:)
My 2 year old daughter LOVES Horton ("Hortan, he is cute" if you ask her). I think we've seen Horton Hears A
Who ....ohh... about A BILLION times. I though I knew all the details about this simple flower, but, as my husband later pointed out.... it's pink, not purple... hmmm... Well here is how to make a simple Horton Cake Pop. My daugher loved it - was a very nice surprice while she was watching the movie:)


  1. What kind of butter cream icing did you get to harden up enough to kinda stand up?

  2. and what number tip please. Ive been looking for this kind of horton pop everywhere! thanks!!

    1. Hi,

      Actually I used royal icing for the these (my daughter loves RI) - after coating the cake pop with chocolate. But IMBC would work as well, just put it in your fridge for 1-2 hours before serving.
      I used a small round tip (number 3).

      Have a great day:)