Thursday, June 2, 2011

Piping Gel Recipe

Piping gel is used for water, teardrop and raindrops. I used this recipe to make the water in this picture:


1 tablesspoon unfloavoured gelatine

colour; I recommend edible airbrush colour

1 tablesspoon cold water

1 cup/ 2,4 dl glucose

Dissolve the colour in water. Add gelatine, and heat the sausepan under very low temperature until everything is dissolved. Add glucose and stirr thoroughly. The piping gel is now ready to use/ or keep it in an air tight container in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to make a fondant teddy bear

This tutorial shows how to make a cute and easy teddy bear.

I used brown coloured fondant, whitch I cut into 4 pieces; from the left: arms, legs, tummy, head.

To shape the body, make a cone shape. Put a spagetti/ wire down the middle. This is used when assembling the teddys body and head.

Make a moon-shaped arm, and pres it flat in one end (shoulder), and shape a hand in the other end. Make a little bend in the middle (elbow)

Use the same technique for the legs.

Put arms and legs on the body - use water or tylo glue (tylo powder:water = 1:20)

The head: Make a round ball, 2 small cones (ears) and proceed as shown on the pictures.

Make a flat triangle as the mouth.

How to make gelatine flowers and butterflies.

Tutorial on how to make these beatiful gelatine flowers and butterflies.

To make gelatine flowers and butterflies you will need:
2 tablespoons unflavoured gelatine
5 tablespoons water
Food colouring or even better; edible airbrush colour.
Metallic dust food colour
Metalwires used for fondant flowers
If you like, you can paint the gelatine flower/ butterflie when dry; mix dust food colour and alcohol.

Mix water and food colour - the colour has to be 100% dissolved. Then add gelatine to the mix without stirring. When the gelatine has absorbed all the coloured water, it is ready to be placed (in the cup) in boiling water. I used a plastic cup from IKEA - works perfect:). When your gelatine-mix is dissolved, it is ready to be used.

While the gelatine mixture gets liquid, you can start making your flower/ butterflie wires. Fold as shown on the pictures, or in the desired shape.

Bend the wire as shown in this picture - it will make it easier to put in your cup with gelatine mixture, easier to handle afterwards, and it need to dry in this position as well.

Dip the shaped wire and make smooth movement to get the gelatine to even, and to determine where the colour needs to be darkest. Round movements.

Dip the shaped wire in the gelatine mixture, and let it dry. If the mixture doesn't stay on the wire, the mixture is still to hot. If it's lumpy it is too cold, and you need to re-heat it.

When the gelatine gets tiny "wrinkles" it is dry enough for you to shape/bend and paint.

Cornet tutorial

Tutorial for making a cornet. I use cornets when I do run-out techniques in royal icing or if I want to make chocolate patterns with melted chocolate.

I start by cutting a square piece of baking paper into 4 equal sized triangles.

Fold the triangle as illustrated below. Fold the cornet firmly to get a usable result.

Bathtub cake

The bathtub is chocolate cake with raspberry mousse and chocolate buttercream. Covered with fondant, wood-like impressions made with ballling tool and pensil tool. Handpainted. Water is piping gel coloured blue with airbrush colour.

Face: Moulded in Rice Krispies Treat, covered with home made modelling chocolate and fondant.

Flowers and leaves: fondant, hand paintet.

Plate: Fondant paintet with airbrush technique. The writing is royal icing handpainted with edible gold when dry.

How to make a ballerina cake

I made this cake for my husbands niece who turned 9 in April 2011.

I made the dress from chocolate cake, which I carved with a small knife to make it look curvy - the gray areas on the illlutration shows where and how I cut the cake. The figurine is done by hand (Wilton Fondant), no moulds used. I had to put some metal wires in the figurine arms to make it dry in this position. Bracelet, earrings and details on the dress is hand painted with edible gold.
The "floor" is made from a thin layer of chocolate cake covered with chocolate buttercream and brown coloured fondant. I used a pencil tool and the small ballling tool to make the "wood"-like impressions. To make the "wood" look mere real, I handpainted it with brown dust colour mixed with alcohol.

Where to buy cake products

If you know of any good cake decoration stores, please leave a message - thank you.



Cake decoration; inspiration:

Books about cake decoration:
If you like Lambeth technique, you will love this book:
"Lambeth technique of cake decoration and practical pastries" by Joseph Lambeth.