Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cake pop beginners guide

There are some few rules when making the sweet little cake pop treats.

  1. Lollipop stick: When you've moulded your cake pop dough to the desired shape, you have to glue the lollipop stick to the dough using a little amount of melted chocolate. After inserting the lollipop stick, let the cake pop rest in the refrigerator for 20 min, or in the freezer for about 2-3 min.

  2. Chocolate melting temperature; Candy Melts are not a pure chocolate product; they can be melted in the microwave or by pouring hot water into a bowl and place a smaller bowl with the chocolate inside. If you use real chocolate you have to be more careful when melting your chocolate, the right melting temperature depends on wether it is white, milk or dark chocolate. The right melting temperature;
    White chocolate: 40 degrees celcius
    Milk chocolate: 45 degrees celcius.
    Dark chocolate: 45-50 degrees celcius
    How to proceed; use the right melting temperature and melt 2/3 of your chocolate. When melted; take the chocolate away from the hot water bowl and add the remaining 1/3.

  3. Cake pop temperature before coating it: You only have to consider this step if you put your cake pops in your freezer. If the cake pop temperature get to low, the coating chocolate will crack. It is important that the maximum time in the freezer is about 4 min.

  4. Fluids and fats: If your cake pop dough is to soft/ wett the fat will breach througt the coating chocolate, leaving little drops on the outside. Make sure the consistency is firm elastic.

  5. Where to dry: I use cake dummies, but a glass or bowl filled with sugar will do just as well.

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