Monday, August 22, 2011

Teapot 3D cake

This is an easy 3D cake. It serves about 8-10 persons.

The day before the cake is assembles you have to make the accessories; let them dry for about 24 hours. Use the ball-cake pan to measure the size.

I used chocolate buttercream to put around and then coated with white fondant.

Assemble the cake and paint with dust-colour mixed with alcohol.

I chose to paint orchids on my teapot - my absolute favourite flower!

Wedding Cake with roses

Wedding cake I made for my dear friend Mai's surprise wedding.

Chocolate cake with raspberry and white chocolate mousse.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Horton Hears A Who Cake Pop

You'll need:
a lollipop stick
Decoration tape used for fondant flowers
Cake pop dough (go to my recipes; cake pop)
Coating chocolate
Icing/ buttercream
Pink food colouring
A sugar decoration bead or a dot of white icing.

Use a round tip for the pink leaves, and place randomly. Add a decoration bead.

A little story:)
My 2 year old daughter LOVES Horton ("Hortan, he is cute" if you ask her). I think we've seen Horton Hears A
Who ....ohh... about A BILLION times. I though I knew all the details about this simple flower, but, as my husband later pointed out.... it's pink, not purple... hmmm... Well here is how to make a simple Horton Cake Pop. My daugher loved it - was a very nice surprice while she was watching the movie:)

Cupcake cake pop tutorial

I made these cake pops for the Danish branch of Dr. Oetker; they wanted to make some tutorial guides for making different cake pops with their products. This was one of them.

Look further down for instructions:

You'll need:

Dark brown coating chocolate

Coloured chocolate (Candy Melts/ Funcakes) or white coating chocolate and some food colouring.

Cookie cutter; the metal cookie cutter as shown on the picture (the little green is used for the flower cake pop).
Lollipop sticks.

Cake pop dough; see recipes on this blog.

For cake pop dough; see recipes on this blog.
Use the metal cookie cutter for the bottom part of the cake pop. Insert the lollipop stick with a little coating chocolate as glue, and put the cake pops in your fridge for about 20 min.

Mould the top of the cake pop with your fingers. For the best result; make sure that the top is higher and wider than the bottom.

Take the bottom half out of the fridge, coat with chocolate, and put the top-part on before the chocolate dries.

Put the cake pop back in the fridge for 5 - 10 min.

Take the cake pop out of the fridge, coat the top with a light coloured chocolate and add springles.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flower cake pop tutorial.

For these flower cake pops you'll need:

Cake pop dough
Lollipop sticks
coating chocolate
curling ribbon

Proceed according to the cake pop recipe. Coat the cake pop with a light coloured chocolate, and add a anow sprinkel as center, and curling ribbon as leaf.

I wanted a 3D effect, so I used a little bit of dust food colouring.

Universal cake pop recipe

This recipe is universal because you can almost use any cake recipe for making this kind of cake pop dough.

Your choise of cake
neutral cream cheese
sugar or flavour.

Break your cake into small pieces/ crumbles, add cream cheese and taste your dough - if you like a sweeter cake pop; add sugar og flavour to your cake pop dough.

Use a mixer with dough hooks and finally knead the dough with your hands to get an homogeneous and smooth cake pop dough.

Proceed after following guide

Bake-free cake pop recipe

This is an easy and quick way of making cake pops:

Cake pop dough:
Neutral cream cheese.

Crush the oreos in a mixer and add a little cream cheese, until the consistency is firm elastic. You might have to kneat the dough with your hands to get a perfect homogeneous dough.

You are now ready to insert the lollipop stick and later coat your cake pop. If this is your first time making cake pops you might like to proceed after reading theese instructions

Chocolate-orange cake pop recipe.

I made this recipe for the danish branch of Dr. Oetker. We call it Caroline and Victorias cake pop recipe (named after our 2 daughters), but I guess that the title makes a bit more sense to everybody else:) I hope you'll enjoy.

Baking pan 22 cm in diameter (makes about 35 medium sized cake pops).

Chocolate-orange cake
3 eggs
250 g sugar
150 g butter
3 teaspoons vanillasugar
200 g flour
4 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 dl milk
1 tablespoon orange peel
1 teaspoon baking powder

Mix eggs and suger. Add all the dry ingrediens, melted butter and milk. Bake for about 55 min at 160 degrees celcius. When the cake is done, leave it to cool down to room temperature, meanwhile you mix your cake pop buttercream:

40 g soft/ room temperature butter
2 tablespoon milk
2 dl icing sugar
4 tablespoon cocoa powder
2 teaspoon vanilla powder

Mix all the ingrediens into a smooth and soft buttercream.

When the cake has cooled down to room temperature, break it into small pieces/ crumbs and add the buttercream. Use a mixer with dough hooks and finally kneat the dough with your hands to get an even cake pop dough.

You are now ready to shape cake pop balls or any other desired shape. Proceed as described here:

Cake pop beginners guide

There are some few rules when making the sweet little cake pop treats.

  1. Lollipop stick: When you've moulded your cake pop dough to the desired shape, you have to glue the lollipop stick to the dough using a little amount of melted chocolate. After inserting the lollipop stick, let the cake pop rest in the refrigerator for 20 min, or in the freezer for about 2-3 min.

  2. Chocolate melting temperature; Candy Melts are not a pure chocolate product; they can be melted in the microwave or by pouring hot water into a bowl and place a smaller bowl with the chocolate inside. If you use real chocolate you have to be more careful when melting your chocolate, the right melting temperature depends on wether it is white, milk or dark chocolate. The right melting temperature;
    White chocolate: 40 degrees celcius
    Milk chocolate: 45 degrees celcius.
    Dark chocolate: 45-50 degrees celcius
    How to proceed; use the right melting temperature and melt 2/3 of your chocolate. When melted; take the chocolate away from the hot water bowl and add the remaining 1/3.

  3. Cake pop temperature before coating it: You only have to consider this step if you put your cake pops in your freezer. If the cake pop temperature get to low, the coating chocolate will crack. It is important that the maximum time in the freezer is about 4 min.

  4. Fluids and fats: If your cake pop dough is to soft/ wett the fat will breach througt the coating chocolate, leaving little drops on the outside. Make sure the consistency is firm elastic.

  5. Where to dry: I use cake dummies, but a glass or bowl filled with sugar will do just as well.