Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cupcake cake pop tutorial

I made these cake pops for the Danish branch of Dr. Oetker; they wanted to make some tutorial guides for making different cake pops with their products. This was one of them.

Look further down for instructions:

You'll need:

Dark brown coating chocolate

Coloured chocolate (Candy Melts/ Funcakes) or white coating chocolate and some food colouring.

Cookie cutter; the metal cookie cutter as shown on the picture (the little green is used for the flower cake pop).
Lollipop sticks.

Cake pop dough; see recipes on this blog.

For cake pop dough; see recipes on this blog.
Use the metal cookie cutter for the bottom part of the cake pop. Insert the lollipop stick with a little coating chocolate as glue, and put the cake pops in your fridge for about 20 min.

Mould the top of the cake pop with your fingers. For the best result; make sure that the top is higher and wider than the bottom.

Take the bottom half out of the fridge, coat with chocolate, and put the top-part on before the chocolate dries.

Put the cake pop back in the fridge for 5 - 10 min.

Take the cake pop out of the fridge, coat the top with a light coloured chocolate and add springles.

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