Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooky cookies:)

Hi, Here's some Gost Halloween cookies, decorated with royal icing using run-out technique.
First; make your sugar cookies. I make mine about 5-6 mm high. Then make your royal icing mixing:
Sifted icing sugar
Pasteurized eggwhites

A little bit of lemon juice.

Make royal icing of firm consistency and make a fine line at the outer edge of your cookie. Fill the cookie with royal icing medium consistency in a zig-zag patter - don't worry, the holes will fill out, IF it doesn't; just take a toothpick and smooth the icing all the way to your icing-border.
- bubbles: Take your tooth pick and remove bubbles. The bubbles comes from preparing the icing if you whip the ingredients to roughly.

For the eyes: Use the same consistency as the white RI; medium consistensy. Don't worry if it doesn't sink into the white RI just at once, give it about 8-10 sek.

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