Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bas relief geisha tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make a bas-relief geisha. The background is handpainted on fondant

First step is to figure out what size the geisha should have to fit on top of the handpainted fondant. I took a piece of paper and cut it up to fit the size of the painting.

Take a piece of baking-paper/see-though-paper and apply on top of your drawing. Place a tiny bit of fondant, and shape it to fit your drawing. Make it about 0,7 cm thick.

Use your pencil-tool to make eyes and cheekbones.

Now, make the body, starting with the neck.

Now the fun part begins:) Roll fondant (about 1-2 mm thick) and place it over the face and body. The skin-coloured fondant should cover both head and neck to make the best result.

Make arms and hair. Remember that the arm facing the painting/ background should be flat and smaller than anatomical correct arms.

Now my favorite part: handpainting the figurine:)

Lift your geisha with a spatula, add a little water (as glue) on the back, and place it on your background/ painting. Voila - you're done:)

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