Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to make gelatine flowers and butterflies.

Tutorial on how to make these beatiful gelatine flowers and butterflies.

To make gelatine flowers and butterflies you will need:
2 tablespoons unflavoured gelatine
5 tablespoons water
Food colouring or even better; edible airbrush colour.
Metallic dust food colour
Metalwires used for fondant flowers
If you like, you can paint the gelatine flower/ butterflie when dry; mix dust food colour and alcohol.

Mix water and food colour - the colour has to be 100% dissolved. Then add gelatine to the mix without stirring. When the gelatine has absorbed all the coloured water, it is ready to be placed (in the cup) in boiling water. I used a plastic cup from IKEA - works perfect:). When your gelatine-mix is dissolved, it is ready to be used.

While the gelatine mixture gets liquid, you can start making your flower/ butterflie wires. Fold as shown on the pictures, or in the desired shape.

Bend the wire as shown in this picture - it will make it easier to put in your cup with gelatine mixture, easier to handle afterwards, and it need to dry in this position as well.

Dip the shaped wire and make smooth movement to get the gelatine to even, and to determine where the colour needs to be darkest. Round movements.

Dip the shaped wire in the gelatine mixture, and let it dry. If the mixture doesn't stay on the wire, the mixture is still to hot. If it's lumpy it is too cold, and you need to re-heat it.

When the gelatine gets tiny "wrinkles" it is dry enough for you to shape/bend and paint.


  1. Are you leaving the wire on and using that to attach petals, or does petal come out of wire when dry? Hard or pliable when dry?

  2. The gelatine flowers and butterflies have metal "skeletons" and you can't realle remove the metal when dry.
    If you don't want metal you can buy veining sheets you "paint" with gelatine and leave it to dry for about 4 hours. This is perfect if you want to make lifelike wings on dragonflies.
    The dried gelatine is a bit fragile, you can only bend in one direction or else it will tear.

  3. how do you paint on gelatin? Can you share the mixture please? thanks

  4. how do you paint on gelatin? Can you share the mixture please? thanks