Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to make a fondant teddy bear

This tutorial shows how to make a cute and easy teddy bear.

I used brown coloured fondant, whitch I cut into 4 pieces; from the left: arms, legs, tummy, head.

To shape the body, make a cone shape. Put a spagetti/ wire down the middle. This is used when assembling the teddys body and head.

Make a moon-shaped arm, and pres it flat in one end (shoulder), and shape a hand in the other end. Make a little bend in the middle (elbow)

Use the same technique for the legs.

Put arms and legs on the body - use water or tylo glue (tylo powder:water = 1:20)

The head: Make a round ball, 2 small cones (ears) and proceed as shown on the pictures.

Make a flat triangle as the mouth.

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