Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Princess Ariel Cake

I made this cake for little Anna who turned 4 years in june. She loves princess Ariel, so there was no doubt in my mind what kind of theme cake i would make for her.
Her parents served the cake in Annas kindergarten, and she was so excited and happy - my own daughter was likewise happy that " my mommy made this cake for Anna".. they are just so cute all kindergarten children.
Ariel is handmade - no moulds used. Her hair was quite heavy, so i had to place som metal wire ("cake-wire") from her neck and down to the clam that she is sitting on. ... i really should learn to make the cake more than one day ahead so it could dry without metal... hmm... :)
The clam is made from chocolate cake, and chocolate frosting. I put the cake in the freezer for about 20 min so that tha surface was hard and easy to carve.
The seaweed is made from 20 G wire and fondant. The rock is made from rice krispies treat:)
All figurines are made from Wilton ready-to-roll Fondant:) It's so easy to work with whed added a bit of gumtex.
Sand: cane sugar:)

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