Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hans Scherfig as a cake:)

Hi, everybody! Hope you all enjoy a nice summer vacation. I just wanted to show you a cake a did a while back. It's a cake that is made upon paintings by Hans Scherfig, who is quite famous here in Denmark for his animal paintings. A lot of danish babies and children have his paintings on their wall.
I chose to decorate the cake using bas-relief technique and hand painting due to the artist painting style. It was a fun project, and the parents were pleased with the result.
The bas-relief technique is perfect for projects like this. The technique builds it's figurines with "chunks" of fondant to make the arms, legs and so on, and then cover the whole figurine with one flat piece of fondant. It makes it so much easier to make this effect compared to making the figurines from one piece of fondant.
The third picture is Hans Scherfigs painting that this cake is based upon.

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