Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recipe: Rice Krispies Treat

Rice Krispies Treat is perfect if you want to do 3D cakes and the construction of the cake don't allow much weight - for example a giant Mickey Mouse or a ball. You can also use RKT as a little treat by adding vanilla sugar and cutting it into pieces.
250 g marshmallows, cut into small pieces.
100 g butter
175 g rice Crispi Possibly.
½ teaspoon vanillle extract
Any edible color, if you want to have coloured treats.
Melt butter and marshmellows while stirring with a silicone spatula. When meltet add food color and vanilla sugar. Add your rice krispies when the edible food color is 100% dissolved.
If you are using your RKT for 3D cakes, this is the time to shape and mould your RKT - you can choose to let it cool of a little bit, but you have to mould before the RKT hardens.
It's a very sticky mass, so a good idea is to inflict themselves some plastic gloves and use plenty of icing sugar when modeled.

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